Test de nivel: Inglés

Proba de nivel de inglés

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Seleccione a resposta correspondente:

People in england _____ a lot of tea

There _____ telephone in my hotel room

_____ yesterday?

It is ten _____ eleven?

Come on, it's time _____

I _____ finished reading yet

I _____ music last night

This is a smoke free area. You _____ smoke

This bridge was built _____ the Romans

How long is she here for?

I refused _____ to them

On the plane you won't _____ use our mobile

They _____ to have stolen the painting

I can't _____ to buy this house

Are you going to call them soon?

I'd buy a new house if I _____ rich

You can look _____ any new words in the dictionary

I'm not going to _____ with his rude behavior

Don't call me at three o'clock, because I _____ having a bath then

Sally and Paul broke up _____ his attitude

I'd have passed the exam if I _____ more

Lea a frase e escolla a opción que se asemelle máis á frase orixinal:

You'd better make up your mind

It doesn't matter

I wan't anything to eat

Yes, I'm meeting him

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